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Residential AC Service

The HVAC residential marketplace is riddled with unqualified individuals posing as service technicians. They have nice uniforms, look professional, know sales pitches. The reality is many of them can not accurately troubleshoot and repair an air conditioning system and will often try to convince you to buy a new system. Roberts Mechanical does not indulge in such nefarious actions. All of our technicians are educated in technical school, attend 40+ hours of factory training annually, they have a thirst and pride in figuring out what is wrong with your system. Our technicians stand above our competitors in the following areas:

AC Repair: From the simplest of problems to the most complex our technicians will always determine the cause of your issue, offer a solution and stand behind our work.

AC Maintenance: Examining the systems operational parameters, changing filters, clearing and treating drain lines are all part of the maintenance service we provide

AC Replacement: Our technicians perform all system replacements as well. Most companies have “installers perform these tasks. Our company has educated technicians perform this work, providing a quality installation by an educated professional.

AC Installation: All residential installations will be engineered by the owner. Additionally he will oversee the process. The same educated technicians will perform the work and ensure the highest quality installation available.

Mini-Split AC System Service: Ductless air conditioners are efficient in performance, as each wall-mounted unit is in charge of controlling the temperature of a single room, as well as it’s efficient in cost, saving you money on your electricity bill.


It really boils down to this; Most companies hire nice people who look good in a uniform, speak well but know little about the science and technology of air conditioning systems. Our staff is educated from top to bottom, even our helpers have completed 750 hours of technical school.  At Roberts Mechanical, our professionally trained technicians can provide utmost satisfaction in any HVAC service you require.  Our team can install, design and build any new air conditioning unit with excellent communication with our clients, in order to best suit their exact needs.

In need of residential air conditioning service?  Get in touch with Roberts Mechanical today for industry leading HVAC service.  We guarantee satisfaction.

  • We Honor Any & All Manufacturer Warranties

Primary Brands We Sell:
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General Questions

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check and all major credit/debit cards.

Do you offer 2nd opinions?

Absolutely, just call and schedule with office.


How long does it take to install an air conditioning system?

In most instances 4-8 hours provided no major ductwork or structural changes are needed.



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